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Sixteen Tons
Folsom Prison Blues
Can't Help Falling in Love (Fingerstyle)

Don't Be Cruel

Music Class Parachute Song With Mr. Dave


Mr. Dave Promo


David Joseph Virone is a performing artist with focus on early childhood development and senior lifestyle enrichment. Coming from a small farming town, he found inspiration to become a musician from his father who played guitar for him as a child. He has a diverse history of music endeavors from church choir and high school jazz band to composing for film and playing in rock bands. With a command of over a dozen different instruments including guitar, mandolin, bass and banjo, to name a few, David feels that his strongest connection to others and community is through music. Engaging his audience with energy, a big smile is always his signature.

David also leads inter-generational performances with his own “Music With Mr. Dave” classes; he brings together young and old alike with his music workshops that are designed to be enjoyed by multiple age groups. Additionally, Mr. Dave offers parent and child music classes locally as well as beginner guitar and music lessons to groups and individuals.

With a strong passion for education, David has been a preschool and kindergarten music teacher and is currently working on his first children’s music album, due to come out in Spring of 2023.

As a freelance artist, and also in partnership with Creative Aging, David can be found entertaining within various elderly communities around the Memphis area, providing traditional American folk, gospel and popular music ranging from the 20’s to the 60’s. David also provides individual and group music therapy to residents of elder homes.



“My kids love Mr. Dave. My Daughter is learning so much and loves guitar lessons!” - April W. (Southhaven, MS)

“So fun and energetic !! Great with kids. Lots of fun for everyone 👍” - Jessica L. (Memphis, TN)

“Mr. Dave continues to be such a positive figure in my son’s childhood! We have been taking music classes with him since my son was barely 2 years old. Dave’s uplifting energy and compassionate understand of young children’s emotional development has given us a warm and loving start to our musical journey.” - Emma L. (Southhaven, MS)

“Thanks so much, Mr. Dave, you were the best entertainment! We had so much fun and created life-long memories because of your really fun and special contribution.” - Maureen B. (Memphis, TN)

“He makes music class so much fun for these little guys. He’s amazing.” - Andrea W. (Memphis, TN)

It was really fun, Mr. Dave did such an awesome job, everyone had a great time! All the parents were really happy.” - Melanie H. (Memphis, TN)

“We really loved having Mr. Dave at the party and are very happy!” - Beverly D. (Memphis, TN)


“David does a fantastic job of providing private music therapy to seniors who reside in elder care homes!” - Ruth M. (Bartlett, TN)

“My Favorite musician is David Joseph Virone!” - Louis L. (Memphis, TN - Age 100)

“I was dancing in my chair and singing along the whole time!” - Jane S. (Memphis, TN)

“Thank you for playing the songs that bring me back.” - John B. (Avon, CT)

“I remember every song you played!” - Sandra I. (Jackson, MS)

“David does an incredible job entertaining and bringing lots of joy to those living in senior facilities!” - Rhoda D. (Germantown, TN)





Phone: (860) 268 - 8870

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Photos By: Nick Cinea Photography

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